Beeswax Wrap by Gaia x Bodil Jane Female Edition Set


Brand Gaia

Special Edition Wrap by Gaia and Bodil Jane, an illustrator from Amsterdam.

With the Women Empowerment Edition we want to thank all the women who are fighting in the first row on today's current issues. Women in particular have played an important and visible role in the climate debate - and we need this loud and energetic voice of women. This special edition wrap is in appreciation of their courage and perseverance.

Special Edition Set contains 3 pieces (S/M/L) 

WEIGHT 0.07 kg
SIZE 15x15cm + 20x20cm + 30x30cm



Gaia wrap is a natural and reusable cling film - and a practical answer to an urgent problem: plastic waste.

Our alternative to plastic wrap is made from organic cotton, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, nothing more. The wax protects against bacteria, the oil against fungi and UV radiation.  Gaia wrap is breathable and mold-free.
All components of Gaia Wrap are certified organic, except for tree resin. Handmade in Hamburg.


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