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A5 Urban Filing Case in Pink by Vacavaliente

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Vacavaliente, spanish for brave cow, is an Argentinian design lab that specializes in unique and minimal design pieces made from recycled leather. Founded in 2006, the brand is a strong advocate for eco-consciousness and is committed to treating its leather organically.

As with most Vacavaliente creations, beautifully designed with functionality in mind, this Leather Pouch has four separate divisions which can be used to store papers and other small items separately. Use it inside a larger bag to be more organized, or even as a clutch when you go out. Made from smooth recycled Argentinian leather and treated organically, the pouch’s gray rubber-band easy loops and unloops around the round leather button, making it hassle-free to open and close it, as needed.

Dimensions: 16,5 x 23,5 x 1cm