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Framed Body Pendant by T.I.T.S.

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Is it (nude) art? Is it jewellery? Will your grandma approve? Who knows?! An artful update on our iconic body pendant, the framed body pendant contrasts a voluptuous figure with a sharp, geometrical frame.

With a nod to Art Deco, this gold-plated framed body pendant plays with perception and light. The frame is sharp, sleek and shiny, whereas the voluptuous body has an etched structure with lots of depth - appearing to step out of the frame as if a 3D movie at the cinema. Moderately big, the pendant is flat in de back so to fall nicely on your chest.


Size: 24mm long

Material 18K gold micron plating applied to brass
Made in Thailand; The factory meets the EU’s REACH regulation and is compliant with the BSCI. Sustainability is one of their core values.
Jewellery Care We understand you like to show off your precious bling all the time. The plating will last longer if you avoid interaction with oily and chemical products and also remove the jewels while showering or swimming.


“OMG TITS?!” Yes, TITS. It’s short for this is the shit. As our name illustrates, we aim to break sexist taboos. We do so with a flirtatious wink, empowering women - and everyone else who defies the norm.