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Rainbow Breakfast Board by Eulenschnitt

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Our rainbow breakfast board does not only bring a smile to the face of the little ones! There is a confetti mood here in the morning for the whole family!

The Rainbow Breakfast Board is made of beech laminated wood and is 2 cm thick. The size of the board is 30 x 18 cm and leaves you all sorts of space for cutting or serving. For the detail-loving among you, the slogan “Be wild & cheeky & wonderful” was engraved by laser on the front. On the back of the board is adorned with a small owl cut logo. The great thing about this board? Magic a colorful rainbow for your little ones with healthy snacks, such as blueberries, raspberries, grapes or the like, by placing the colorful delicacies in the milled arches. Healthy eating is a lot more fun.

Wood is a natural and organic material that requires special care. So that you have a lot of fun with our Rainbow Breakfast Board, please note the following care instructions:

Please rub our wooden board on all sides with sunflower oil before using it for the first time. This treatment must be repeated at regular intervals.
Please avoid the dishwasher.
Please wash the cutting board with lukewarm, running water and dry it off thoroughly with a dry cloth immediately afterwards.
Please avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Rainbow-shaped breakfast board made from beech laminated wood
Laser engraving on the front and back
Follow care instructions

Beech laminated wood

Total length: 30 cm
Total width: 18 cm
Thickness: 2.0 cm


Founded in Hamburg in 2013 as a small family business, Eulenschnitt owes its success today to the love for beautiful things and, above all, to its large fan base who share this passion.  We want to provide our customers with useful and at the same time beautiful products that have a long service life and offer an alternative to disposable items. Above all, materials such as jute, linen and wood shape the image of the brand.