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Toit Volant

Esther Top White by Toit Volant

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100% Silk Faille.  

  • Vintage Inspire Cut
  • Ruffle Collar
  • Puff Long Sleeve
  • Self-Thin Tie-Belt



    Los Angeles slow fashion brand, Toit Volant, is committed to responsible, sustainable, ethical practices. Our journey is towards circular models, progress, creating with people and planet in mind. We are mindful to be socially inclusive and to be an affordable contemporary price point brand.

    We believe that every woman is beautiful and significant in this world. Fashion is a tool that a woman uses to express the character that is within. Our oversize signature silhouettes exudes the demands placed on all women today. Our designs creates a vision of the worlds, universes, lives, created for women everywhere. We believe every woman is bold, dynamic, powerful and intelligent. 

    The identity of our brand is closely linked to the purpose of our factory, Nana Atelier. Nana Atelier’s mission as a manufacturer is not to hail itself as a savior to the garment industry in Los Angeles – our goal is to normalize fair and just treatment of other human beings within this field, an idea that is not a new concept. We aim to bring dignity and strength back to the arduous work of garment manufacturing through fair treatment, fair wages and clean environment.