Daze Top in Pastel Check- Kowtow

€95.00 €47.50

Brand Kowtow

Boasting luxurious materials and effortless style since 2007, the label is a perfect example of eco-fashion at its best. Gosia Piatek, the Founder and Creative Director of the label, is a true pioneer of eco-fashion and takes slow fashion to the next level by using only certified organic materials. Inspired by travel and art, all pieces have a timeless and minimal touch, making each piece truly unique.


Swing, v neck top.

- Pleated hem short sleeves 
- 100% ethical organic cotton voile


Organic Cotton 
Our cotton is organically farmed and free from genetically modified seeds to benefit the soil, cotton and farmers. Crops are rain-fed and hand-picked. Organic farming is achieved through companion planting, crop rotation and on-site green waste composting to curb the use of chemicals harmful to farmers and their families. 

Fair Trade 
Fair trade empowers farmers to negotiate with buyers to secure better prices for their cotton. Every season, certified farmer groups receive a premium to be spent on community projects such as medical costs, irrigation schemes to conserve rainwater, books and clothes for school children, farmer education, training and upgrades. 

We work with sustainably recognised accredited suppliers. This is not only for our cotton but also for the trims, labels, tags, packaging, paper and shipping, all the way down to the coffee we drink in the workroom. 

Printing & Dyeing 
All our prints and fabrics are dyed using Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) approved water based ink, which is free of chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde and aromatic solvents. GOTS ensures sustainable use and treatment of water used in the dyeing process. 

All of our garments are made at SA8000 accredited factories in India. Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) is an independent audit which ensures workers receive the following benefits: guaranteed minimum wage, social security fund, pension fund, paid holiday leave, sick pay, medical insurance, subsidised lunches, overtime pay, workplace unions and free transport to their workplace.

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