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Eco-Soy Wax Modu Candles

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Bring a little bit of Modu in your home and office with our customised Modu Candles.  Each candle is handmade from start to finish from pure eco-soy wax, 100% natural botanical essence and architectural concrete.   Wood wick burn.  

Soy wax is a re-growing raw material, CO2 neutral and 100% decompose-able.
It contains no paraffin or palm oil, no pesticides and no herbicide, and is not tested on animals.  They excrete no harmful substances, burn longer and smell wonderful!

Concrete candle jars are handcrafted by an amazing team of women in Poland.  They can be reused and transformed into plant pots, pencil holders or whatever your imagination creates! After burning out the whole candle, take out the wick and wash the empty container with hot water and soap, then you are ready to go!

• 220 g / 7,8 oz candle
• 40-45 h burn time



Choice of Scents:

1.  Flow 
Top notes: sugar icing with spice ginger notes
Middle notes: cilantro, cardamon, lemongrass
Base notes: vanilla with cinnamon

2. Cozy days 
Top notes: bergamot, lemon
Middle notes: spices, figs
Base notes: frankincense, fine wood, moss and amber

3. Cuddle 
Top notes: pomegranate, raspberry, plum
Middle notes: spicy pink peppercorn
Base notes: patchouli, frankincense

4.  Sandalwood and Vanilla.   

5. Eucalyptus and Lemongrass.  Aromatherapy collection. 

6. Grapefruit and Rosemary.  Aromatherapy collection. 

7. Grapefruit and Sage with Patchouli Notes. Aromatherapy collection. 

8. Rose Geranium and Lavender with Patchouli Notes.  Aromatherapy collection. 

9. Patchouli and Cedar with Bergamot Notes. Aromatherapy collection. 

Benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils listed above can be found online.