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Copo Design

Round Soliflore Vase by Copo Design

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Let yourself be seduced by this minimalist soliflore with surprising and pleasant material for your most beautiful flowers.

The Glass Tube keeps your flowers alive by adding water to them.

High quality glass tube PROVIDED

It is 3D printed from 40% recycled wood and 60% corn starch, our designs are eco-responsible and do not contain petroleum-based plastic.


Tube: 20cm by 2cm in diameter. Ideal for 1 or 2 flowers

Net weight



60% corn starch and 40% recycled wood chips

Available in Birch, Pine and Ebony
COPO Design was born in Annecy, in the French Alps. An artistic director and a designer had the idea of making objects combining aesthetics and ecologies following the discovery of this wonderful material: the wood filament. Composed of 60% corn starch and 40% recycled wood chips, this 100% natural material has allowed us to manufacture eco-responsible decorative objects for everyday life.