Thanksgiving Week Sale

Hi Modu Friends, 

Great news!!  2021 is right around the corner.  This means that we can soon finally say Adios to this absolutely unforgettable (not in a good way) year when our world was rocked upside down!  We know that it's been a very sad and tough year for so many.  We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are well, or at least as well as you possibly can, during these times.  Surely, there will be brighter days ahead for all of us ( 2021 please god please) so let's hold on a bit longer. 

As millions of people around the world are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Holiday this week, we can't help but reflect on all the many things that we are thankful for despite this pandemic.  For TMS, we are soooo thankful to everyone that have supported us the past 6+ months.    As a small local business with a niche concept it's not the easiest to sustain during such times.  We have even been debating the past few weeks whether to participate in "Black Friday" sales.  We know that small shops, especially sustainable fashion shops, are opting out of the these sales.  We get it, we really do.  However, we have decided that this year TMS will hold a Special Thank You Online Sale this week.  This is not to promote more unnecessary consumption but rather, we just want to say Thank You for your ongoing support and if a little savings back in your pocket may perhaps mean or help a bit more this year then we want to share that with you.    So, if you happen to find something that you love on our site this week we welcome you to use the code GIVETHANKS at checkout (applicable to only women's clothing).  If not, no worries, we appreciate that you took the time to read this very long post nevertheless.  :)

Until next time friends... 




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