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Granny's Finest

Col Bobbi in Royal Blue and Pink by Granny's Finest

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Granny’s Finest
Granny's Finest is a company with a social mission. By organizing craft clubs and other activities for the elderly, we contribute to the prevention of loneliness. Our scarves, hats and hand warmers are hand-knitted from durable materials in the Netherlands. The collection is developed in collaboration with young creative in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. By promoting social cohesion, the young and old learn from each other and we provide both trendy and timeless products that are enjoyed by many people.

For the financing and organization of the knitting clubs, we work together with social funds and welfare organizations. In this way we make these activities possible for the elderly from our own mission and possibilities.


Dimensions: height approx. 28 cm width approx. 38 cm (double folded)

Material: 100% Granny's Finest Wool

Stitch: fish grade stitch

Needles: 12 # circular needle size 80 cm