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House of Vincent

Ember Mirage Earring - Gold House of Vincent

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Elegance on a whole new level. Ember Mirage is inspired by embers that dance towards the night sky - the earrings consist of four crystal-studded links that move with you and glimmeringly reflect the light from your surroundings. Our ultimate earrings for any festive occasion.


925 Sterling Silver

18K Gold Plated

Off White Crystal

h: 42mm x w: 21mm


House of Vincent is founded on the thought of not just selling jewelry - but creating long lasting beauty.  We don't do jewelry just for the sake of it - each and every piece is made from careful consideration, with both heart and soul.   That's why we produce the majority of our jewelry from recycled and natural materials without ever compromising the quality - we feel as if that is beautiful inside and out. - Julie Mai and Matias Milton