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Vanessa Baroni

Big Flat Chain Necklace - Vintage Gold by Vanessa Baroni

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An overstatement with fine gold details. The square acetate limbs are feather-light and pull all eyes on - created for the perfect outfit.

Made in Italy.

L: 54.5 cm (including carbine)
B: 1.8-3.0 cm
G: 82 g

The necklace is size adjustable and can be extended by 7.5 cm.

Designed in Germany and Made in Italy


For over 10 years, Vanessa Baroni has been a passionate jewelry designer. With a love for multidimensional shapes as well as striking colors and materials, the fashion label creates unique pieces that take center stage in any outfit.
Through her jewelry pieces, Vanessa redefines concepts such as opulence, desirability and luxury.

The brand is a mixture of inspirations that the designer gathers from her travels, art exhibitions and from current fashion. This approach, the composition of different origins, can be seen in the materials and colours. A central element, however, is Plexiglas, due to its posterity and fascination with reproducing shapes in two dimensions. Her affinity for the seventies and eighties is also reflected in each collection.The designer wants to create individual pieces of jewellery and give them a life of their own, standing on their own, like a work of art in a room. The objects are in the foreground of the outfit, are matching accessories to sophisticated fashion.