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Crystal Drop Heart Brooch by Numbering

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Brooch is a heart shaped design feature round brilliant cut N-dia falling in a tassel shape.  The brooch is crafted sophisticatedly with stones and a heart silhouette brings natural movement.   Pin this stunning piece to a blazer or a coat to add a dose of embellishment to your outfit.  

- Rhodium Plated Brass, N-Dia
- Width: 56.2 mm
- Length: 76.5 mm
- Band W 4.1 mm
- Weight: 41.9g

The “CARAT” collection, a range of simple yet eye-catching jewelry, is made with N-dia “diamonds,” artificial stones that achieve greater clarity and shine than cubic zirconia while still meeting the 4Cs of diamond quality (color, clarity, cut, carat).  Stylish and sustainable alternative to diamonds. 
Be aware of tarnish and eroding which may occur as a result of oxidation, caused by the interaction with certain elements such as oxygen, moisture, sweat, cosmetics, etc especially avoid exposure to fragrances. 
We recommend that you store your jewellery in a safe place when engaging in the following activities: Showering, Bathing, Exercising. 
Hailing from South Korea, Numbering handcrafts experimental and exciting jewelry that privileges a refined, minimalist point of view. True to the brand's name, designs feature unique numbered engravings on each of their pieces.  The brand primarily makes use of 925 sterling silver and 14k gold-plated pieces in making collections that strike a balance between artisanal details and luxurious embellishment.