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Sissel Edelbo

Summers Suzani Coat - Multi by Sissel Edelbo

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Summers Suzani Coat is a cool, figure flattering coat that comes with a detachable belt for a more feminine shape. The coat has high slits in the side seams, side seam pockets and it is decorated with colorful Suzani embroidery all over. The name Suzani comes from the Persian word “Suzan”, which means needle. The Indian version of the Suzani embroidery is made by chain stitching, done with an instrument called a tambour, which is a hooked needle.

As a part of our Blanket Wear collection this jacket is embroidered by hand – “No machines -only human creations”.  



  • Chest: 56,5 cm
  • Full length: 130 cm



    SISSEL EDELBO stands Jeanne Sissel Thomsen and Chris Elmengaard, whose work have targeted the combination of sustainable materials, dressy silhouettes, and a trendy bohemian lifestyle since 2004. A vision of making a fashion brand built on clean, sustainable values combined with a preference for feminine and colourful prints and sustainable textiles. In large part due to a responsible approach to every part of the chain of values – from production to the people involved, collections designed from vintage material, made to last season after season, as well as a preference for good craftsmanship.

    The core at the heart of SISSEL EDELBO is the upcycling of beautiful vintage materials. With every season and collection SISSEL EDELBO continues to refine and reinvent its own language, and explore new designs made from everything between recycled hand-embroidered blankets and vintage saris, worn for generations by Indian women. These colourful and recycled materials are carefully chosen before they are subsequently redesigned into modern styled pieces – each with their own unique history, and with a clear touch of Indian culture woven into a mix for a modern aesthetic silhouette.