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Merme Berlin

Deep Clean Facial Mask - 100% Organic Green French Clay by Merme Berlin

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A soft, organic clay that brightens and cleanses your skin, leaving you with a clear and fresh complexion. Rich in natural minerals, clay extracts toxins from your skin, providing clean and refined pores.

Recommended for oily and combination skin types, or those who need a good facial clean.

Ingredient: Superfine, organic green clay

Quantity: 80g

Odour: Almost scentless



When the clay mask dries, it acts like a magnet that pulls out all toxins and leaves your skin velvety soft. This removes excess bacteria, sebum, dead skin cells and aids against deep-seated clogged pores. The clay can be applied directly to breakouts overnight, until the area heals. 

Its natural nutrients stimulate your skin’s blood circulation to ensure a bright, balanced and radiant complexion. 

Its antibacterial properties work to soften, smooth and regenerate your skin. While also helping to heal skin infections such as acne, eczema or hives.



Our clay is obtained from the famous Argile du Velay region in France, which is known for the purest deposits of natural green clay.

MERME Quality Promise: MERME has left the clay as it should - naturally green in color with a neutral odour - there are no added perfumes or preservatives. Non-comedogenic, no: phthalates, surfactants, petrolatums, BHT, BHA, silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, synthetic colours, or animal testing. 

How to Use: 

Mix a teaspoon of clay with water to create a paste texture and spread evenly on the face or affected areas, preferably with a brush. Take 10-15 mins time to sit back and relax! Listen to your favourite playlist or podcast while you leave your clay mask on. Make sure to take a selfie or scare your boyfriend! Leave the mask to work until it dries completely and then rinse with water. 



Apply clay mask across freshly cleansed, damp skin 2-3 times a week, max. Leave solution on for 10-15 mins, then rinse face. Follow with serum/face oil if you use one, and then a hydrating face cream.


MERME Berlin is pure and potent clean-skincare. Their minimal ingredient philosophy means that all their products are stripped down to their 100% potency, without any hidden fillers, synthetics or chemicals.  They are so powerful that they can stand alone, untouched, and without any added fragrances or synthetics.

With the goal to make skincare easy and effective for everyone, MERME Berlin is a simple, effective range of skin essentials based on best-in-class ingredients. By deeply exploring nature’s tree of life and combining biotechnological advancements, it is possible to create sustainable, high-performance clean ingredients. Whilst remaining vegan, cruelty-free and non-GMO, it is possible to use the benefits of scientific developments to create conscious, clean skincare products. We are not interested in faux-science or silly claims. Just good quality, useful, non-irritating skin care that you’ll like using, and your skin will love.

Merme's commitment to sustainability practices include using recyclable glass to bottle their products, use only vegan & cruelty-free ingredients, elimination of all synthetic ingredients that harm our ecosystem, use of reusable cotton bags instead of boxed packaging, and considered shipping practices.