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House of Vincent

Venus Pearl Bracelet by House of Vincent

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The myth describes the pearl as drops of morning dew falling from the sky into a moonlit sea. A symbol of intelligence, luck and fertility, the pearl has been admired and worn for thousands of years. 

MATERIAL 100% recycled brass - nickel-free and naturally antibacterial. 
18k Gilded
PEARLS Freshwater pearl
GOAL Adjustable: 17.5-22.5 cm



The House of Vincent is founded on the thought of not just selling jewelry - but creating long lasting beauty.  We don't do jewelry just for the sake of it - each and every piece is made from careful consideration, with both heart and soul.   That's why we produce the majority of our jewelry from recycled and natural materials without ever compromising the quality - we feel as if that is beautiful inside and out. - Julie Mai and Matias Milton