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The Furry Folks

Flower Sweater by The Furry Folks

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A perfect iconic sweater to stay wild and colorful.

Flower on a cream-base sweater.
It comes with a foldable high-neck, rib chest, and rib trim. It has a leash hole on the back. Feeling soft, warm, and cozy. The elasticity of the sweater can cover different body shapes of our furryfolks.

100% Polyester

Made in South Korea


Machine wash cold water and lay flat to dry.
Recommend hand wash


It is most accurate to measure the furry folks while standing upright.

Step 1. Chest: measure the thickest part of the chest circumference.
Step 2. Back length: measure right at the neck connecting the dog's back to 3"-4" before the base of the tail - where the tail meets the body. 

All sizes are flat-lay measurements.
We recommend sizing down if your furryfolks are between sizes.
It is helpful to refer to the size and weight of the models.
Please note the size and fit may vary due to the high elasticity of the sweater.



"a better life with you"

the furryfolks is a brand for animal companions.

We believe every furryfolks deserve to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life and should do so with the creative, functional, and playful products available.

With the finest materials, the most stylish designs, and the highest quality construction, our furry folks and pawrents can have comfortable products and love to have fun.

– that's what you can expect from the furryfolks.


the furryfolks was born in December 2019 in New York from the desire of a couple to create a brand that would spoil their beloved furry folks.

Sangbum and Hye are highly motivated individuals passionate about entrepreneurship and dog parenting. They were inspired to start their own business after rescuing their beloved dog, Gyeon, and realizing it was a struggle to find products that truly met their needs and expectations.

Hye's background in design from the Parsons School of Design gave her the knowledge and skills necessary to turn her passion for spoiling furry friends into a thriving business.

With Sangbum's unwavering support, the duo worked tirelessly to overcome the challenges of high-quality sourcing materials and produce practical yet aesthetically pleasing products at an affordable price. Despite the obstacles they faced, the couple never gave up on their dream, and today, they are proud to offer their beautiful creations to dog owners and pet enthusiasts around the world.