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The Voodoo Reversible 100% Baby Alpaca Throw by Blacksaw

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Commanding and unforgettable, uncivilized and unrestrained, the Voodoo Reversible Throw magnetically draws you in at 100 miles an hour.  Woven in premium 100% Baby Alpaca in our signature Reversible construction, this compelling throw will seduce you into its allure with one glance.

Artwork created in collaboration with our friend, an Indonesian native, Eka Mardiys.

100% Baby Alpaca, (MORE INFO)
53” x 70”
1.5 lbs
Ivory yarns are 100% naturally colored & free of dyes

Designed in Canada
Dry Clean Only (Alpaca Care)

Hypoallergenic/ No Itch
Made from 100% Eco-friendly sustainable fibers (MORE INFO)
Lightweight & Packable

Resistant to matting and pilling
Moisture wicking
No animals have been harmed in the production of this blanket


Blacksaw was born with the desire to create Meaningful Possessions worthy of taking up space in your life. 100% Baby Alpaca blankets are the foundation of what we do; but whatever the pursuit may be, our aim is to create long lasting, timeless pieces that are curated according to originality, usability, and spirit. We value well-made, natural, essential, purposeful products, that speak the secret tongue of style.

Our signature fiber, Alpaca, is one of the finest materials on the planet. This means luxury, durability and of course comfort. This eco-friendly material is as soft as cashmere, 7X as warm as wool, is hypoallergenic and will stand the test of time.  No animals have been harmed in our production.