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Embassy of Bricks and Logs

Dafni Quilted Coat Pale Olive by Embassy of Bricks and Logs

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Channel your inner space warrior princess with this quilted coat and the long side slits it‘s sporting.
Recycled upper, recycled no-down filling, and all the Leia vibes you need.

• premium light weight fabric, made from 100% recycled materials
• no-down filling made from 100% recycled PET
• embossed EMB press buttons


In 2015, founders Niko Vatheuer and Eric Mirbach set out to found urban outerwear brand Embassy of Bricks and Logs. The plan was to create a contemporary fashion outerwear brand with high aesthetic and ethical standards.   Through their designs, focussed on contemporary, utilitarian silhouettes with a functional approach and the use of hand-selected premium materials, the Embassy brings a high-quality streetwear approach into the realm of ethical fashion.