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Mini Polaroid Wall Art by Stook Jewellery

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Picture picture on the wall… why are you so super small?

The picture can be easily removed and replaced with your own.  With your Mini polaroid comes a picture we already made, if you want to change this, remove picture and notice the double sided tape on the back of the print. Print out your picture and place it on the tape. Slide it back and now you have your favourite mini polaroid shot! Come a bit closer to Discover my favourite pic!

Size > 2 x 1,5 x 0,8




STOOK is a porcelain jewelry collection founded by Mianne de Vries. With her love for the material porcelain, she created this unique jewelry label. The porcelain jewelry of STOOK you have to wear with love, and that is the reason she choose for the material porcelain.

All jewelry is handmade in the Netherlands with love ♥