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Alpaca Loca

Terracotta Single Scarf by Alpaca Loca

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Our single woven scarf is incredibly soft and has a smooth and light structure. The hollow fiber retains heat so you are well protected against wind and cold. The subtle shine of the wool gives the scarf a luxurious feel.

Available in Spring Green and Terracotta


200 x 65 cm


80% alpaca 20% acrylic


The product is handmade, so the color and size may vary slightly.


Alpaca Loca is a young and innovative label that specializes in the design and production of quality alpaca wool products. Alpaca wool is a natural, super soft fabric and has many advantages over sheep's wool or cashmere. It is hypoallergenic in that it does not contain lanolin like sheep's wool. The structure of alpaca wool is stronger than that of sheep's wool or cashmere. It fluffs much less, making it very comfortable to wear and does not sting. It is very dirt and water resistant. Thanks to the hollow fiber, it insulates very well and is wonderfully warm. It is a 100% natural product and fair trade.

The wool used for the Alpaca Loca products comes from alpacas from Ecuador. The products are all handmade in Ecuador by a community of weavers. AL attach great importance to quality, tradition, integrity and social responsibility and have deliberately chosen to set up production in this way. The wool weavers receive a fair salary and the team regularly sees the good working conditions in the factory.