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Marie Marie

Muus Crochet Shopper Bag by Marie Marie

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Inside  Oeko-Tex certified katoengaren, 100% jute
Outside  100% katoen 

40 x 15 x 30 cm  - 18 liter


MARIE MARIE was founded by Marthe de Groot from the Netherlands. Based on the idea that fashion can be a force for good and can even inspire social change, MM has been bringing together women through the craft of crochet. Creating communities and telling their stories to the world, our bags aren’t made by anonymous machines, but by an inspiring community of women that are at the heart of our brand. 

We believe in the power of community and strive and therefore keep our supply chain open and transparent. We work with communities, here in the Netherlands, but we strive to make this a global community, too. Therefore we are proud to start a collaboration with Sector 7, a social enterprise based in Istanbul, where women coming from all around the world gather and practice different crafts. 

Next to our social impact, we care about our impact on the environment. We use natural materials like jute and oeko-tex certified cotton yarn, from our partner Yarn and Colours. For our lining we use materials like dead stock cotton.